Thursday, September 3, 2009

Excellence Vs. Distinction

The day man takes charge of his senses, he starts dreaming, and having desires at every stage of his life. The quest for realizing those dreams starts. Suddenly, everybody in the peer becomes his competitor. What is this competition for; a race for recognition, a race for distinction? Everybody is trying to come up with an innovative way to be distinct from others, or in other words, to be recognized by others. Somebody is climbing Mount Everest; somebody is trying to write maximum number of words on a grain of rice. I could never figure out the relevance of any of these efforts for the welfare of anybody on this earth or for themselves as well except, a fame or recognition all over the world. Why do we want to be famous or to be recognized?
There is a deep down desire in every body to be related to everybody on this earth. Everybody wants to be known by everybody on this earth. In fact, to be able to recognize this relationship with every human being and to be able to fulfill it is the feeling of Excellence, which everybody wants to achieve. Due to lack of understanding of relationship with human being, the quest for excellence turns into a race for distinction. It leads to innumerable such kind of irrelevant activities.
There are always some winners in a competition, but majority of the competitors are bound to end up on the losing end. This is the design of any competition. Similarly, very few succeed in their lives to achieve a level of distinction and those who cannot, get depressed and lose their level of confidence. In contrast, excellence is a state where everybody can reach through his own efforts. This is a state for which, verybody has the potential. Once, a man realizes the feeling of excellence, others are no more a competitor to him. Rather, he feels his responsibility to help others in achieving that level of excellence.
Let us take one small example. Everybody in a class wants to stand first. Therefore, everybody competes with everybody else in that class for that single position. But, only one can stand on that position. Others are automatically destined to be deprived of their desire to stand first. Therefore, everybody becomes a competitor for everybody else. This is the kind of practice we are indulged in our desire for distinction. On the other hand, if I am striving for excellence, I will prepare my course to the best of my capacity and then help others to achieve that level of knowledge or seek help from others to get benefitted from their knowledge. Therefore, desire for excellence leads to peaceful coexistence, while desire for distinction leads to competition.


  1. One can achieve excellence when they realise their own strenghts and weaknesses and compete with their own self.

    Striving for excellence leads to personal satisfaction everytime, and desire to reach top leads to competition and mental pressure most of the times.

    Good begining, nice topic to discuss...

  2. nice post. Explanation is quite good. There is scope of improvment in writing.

  3. Absolutely true!

    This makes a lot of sense. Striving to stand first is a standard practice deeply rooted in all of us right from our childhood. And 'Rank' is something that quantifies this.

    You may address 'he' as 'one', 'his' as 'one's' and 'him' as 'one self' to address everyone and not just guys in particular. The subject of discussion is quite reasonable.

  4. good,need to use some ornamentary words and few more vocabs to decorate the writing,but realy a good topic to think deeply and differentiate between 2.