Sunday, February 21, 2010

Living your Desires

We think and desire all the time without any break. These two are innate activities in every human being. Did this thought ever crossed you mind, how many of these thoughts and desires do we pursue in our life? Let us take a simple example. Most of us grow up being taught by our parents, teachers, elders that honesty is the best policy. It seems to be the best way of living a happy and relaxed life in our childhood. But, how long do we live with it? On the other hand, once I learnt "2+2=4", I never get it wrong afterwards. What is the difference in the two? Why could I follow later always correctly and not the former? Because, I did not just hear the latter from my teacher and memorized it; rather I understood and verified it or realized it for myself. Therefore, point which I want to make is clear. Once you realize something, it becomes of your own. You have its authority. In the first case, we heard something from our parents and just borrowed it from them. We assumed it to be true without giving any thought. We never verified whether this is what makes me happy and I want to do. I can never be authoritative about this idea. Therefore, when I go to apply it in my life and face testing circumstances, my belief starts shaking and after a critical point it just breaks.

Conviction is, to have firm belief in a thought, to be without any other option in that aspect, having confidence that it is the only way of life which makes me happy. A thought leads to a conviction only when I verify it for myself on the basis of my natural acceptance as well as ensuring mutual happiness by living it in my behavior and work. Once I have verified and realized a thought and I am sure to pursue it, commitment is necessary to make it work. Commitment is, following a conviction with determination; it is the feeling that "I must do it". If conviction gives you the confidence in your thoughts, commitment gives you the courage to pursue it. It is imperative that once you have a conviction, commitment flows in automatically since you don't have any other option anymore. Consistency of these two is necessary to achieve long term goals. Consistency is pursuing a conviction without any deviation and exception. Consistency of your conviction and commitment always reaps the desired awards in your life. On the other hand, inconsistency always leads to doubt in your determination and abilities. Even a single exception to your views can invite criticism from others, especially if your beliefs are not very common and you are trying to bring some change. Therefore, Conviction, Commitment and Consistency are the keys to live your desires.